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Top Tips to plan your 21st party

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Your 21st birthday party should be unforgettable but organising the event can seem a mammoth task.

First-time party planners often struggle with budget management and choosing the right venue, which can lead to last-minute complications and overspending.

By establishing a clear budget early and researching venue, DJ & decorating options thoroughly, planners can ensure a smoothly executed event that stays within financial limits.

  1. Venue Selection, Size and Location

    Selecting the correct venue is important, it has to accommodate all your guest, be local to everyone and be within budget. Bowling clubs, Golf clubs and halls are all great choices for a party of all sizes and budgets.

  2. Music Choice & communicating with your DJ

    A good DJ will know what to play and when to play it, however, he or she will need to know what you like and friends & family will dance to. For a 21st, the party classics like Cha Cha Slide and 5,6,7,8 are usually a must but you might think these are terrible! A small playlist of 10-12 songs will help your DJ plan for the evening but don't send over too many as it may spoil the surprise. In Dumbarton, Glasgow & the West - everyone loves Billy Gillies and Hannah Laing but just say if these aren't for you.

  3. Make a guest list and send invitations

    Everyone's on your WhatsApp list, right? What about Aunt Susie? Remember all the friends and family you want to invite and be sure to send an invite to any relatives that can't work phones!

  4. Balloons, banners & light-up letters

    Do you want to blow up your own balloons or book a company to sort it for you. Fancy huge light-up 21 letters - contact hall decorating companies for prices.

  5. Ensuring Everything Is Set

    The last week before the party, contact the venue and check if you need to go during the day to setup. Your DJ will contact you a few days before the event but send over any songs you've been loving on your playlists or on the radio. Is the cake made, balloons blown?

  • We can help you plan the perfect 21st Party

    Our Mission is to make your 21st birthday party one to remember for the rest of your life. We can put you in touch with venue and party suppliers as well as provide a DJ, sound & lighting system.

    Whether you have a theme for the night or just a good old fashioned party, let us know your must play songs and genres and we will get everyone on the dancefloor.

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